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Impact Sports Training
Sport Performance Camp

We specialize in:
Athletic performance
Strength, power, and speed development
Injury prevention
Long term athletic success

Professional Coaching

Athletic Performance

Since 2006, we have provided elite sport performance training. Our coaches have the education and experience to provide the highest quality training. Our four sport performance coaches have Master's degrees in Exercise Physiology in addition to one coach having his Doctorate in Sports Management with a Sport Performance emphasis. This allows us to provide safe and effective training for any experience level and any sport.

Younger, less experienced athletes will build basic movement patterns, improve technique, and improve a variety of fitness qualities (speed, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and more). This sets up young athletes for a long and successful career. Advanced athletes will improve specific qualities to get them into peak condition for their sport.



There is no environment like IST. We are high energy, positive, and supporting to give athletes the best experience possible. Athletes at IST are hard working, consistent, and confident.

We know hard work can be mentally challenging at times so we provide a fun atmosphere to maximize athlete motivation and the training process. An athlete that loves training will always have better results than one that dreads it.

School Year Schedule
Monday - Friday

General Information


  • Athletes should arrive dressed and ready to train.

  • Each session is 1 hour.

At sign up, athletes will have the option to select one of the following:

  • 2x/Week

  • 3x/Week

  • Unlimited Sessions

  • Athletes can attend any combination of days they would like.

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