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March 2019 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Nancy

Favorite exercise: Currently I am grooving on deadlifts.

Least favorite exercise: Anything with the word burpee in it. Unless it’s burpee box jumps & wall balls together. There is nothing more viscerally satisfying than getting through a metcon with that combo without hurling.

Goal for next month: My goal this month is to increase my deadlift weight by 20#: In February I FINALLY started recording the amount of weight I am lifting. So now I’m going into each session with a targeted amount of weight to lift based on the coaches’ programming.

What I love about IST: Two things : the coaching and the community. When I was shopping for a CrossFit box I chose IST because the coaches’credentials looked very impressive. I continue to be impressed with their ability to translate their knowledge into superlative training programs all the while assisting numerous athletes of varying abilities and goals. They make everyone feel welcomed regrardless of their age and ability which fosters a positive community, which is the other thing I love about IST.

Hometown & Family members: My hometown is Duluth where I live with the love of my life, my husband Dudley

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