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February 2019 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Tim and Renee Keppers

Favorite Exercise

[Tim] Burpees. I think part of the reason is everyone else hat3se them so much.

[Renee] Deadlifts are my favorite but I really do like wall ball and burpees. With burpees you can at least lie down for a second or two to rest. Wall ball…you know your butt is going to be sore a few days and that’s a good thing.

Least Favorite Exercise

[Tim] The rower! Don’t like it! Never will!!!

[Renee] I hate snatches.

What I love about IST

[Tim] The fact that you are in a large class yet the instructors make you feel like you are with a personal trainer. I started IST in bootcamp after recovering from a major crash. Broken clavicle (4 pieces), 8 broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Yes my whole left side was mush! The instructors were great. I told them what happened. They adjusted the workout to something I could handle. Being in CrossFit class now with my wife, we encourage each other to go for a PR. We also harass each other if one of us is being a “Sally”.

[Renee] I can’t say enough good things about IST. Alex and Brendan have made me the strongest I have ever been. They have given me more confidence in every way. When I enter an event (mountain bike races) I know I will be able to do the race with no regrets for not enough strength training. They have made my 50’s way easier to accept.

Hometown and Family

[Tim] We have 3 kids and 5 awesome grandkids. One of the best benefits at IST is it gives us the strength and energy to keep up with the grandkids.

[Renee] Born, raised and live in Duluth. I have 3 step kids and 5 awesome grandkids (ages 17, 14, 12, 8, 4). Two live here and three are in North Carolina. When all five are together it’s no problem keeping up with their energy. In some activities I can kick their butts. I have the best husband. I am so thankful for everything he is and does for me. It’s fun to do CrossFit with him. I can and we do harass each other for being a “sally”. Because of Alex and Brendan, they helped him recover faster and stronger after his bike crash. And for that I am very thankful of them.

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