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December 2018 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Brady Artwohl

Favorite exercise:

I think it’s no secret that I like cardio. I like to run, row, you could even throw in some burpees too. Right now, favorite movement is Double Unders, but recently I’ve really enjoyed working on my gymnastics such as Ring Muscle Ups, Bar Muscle Ups, HSPU, and HS walks.

Least favorite exercise:

My most complained about movement has to be wall balls. I’m a slow squatter and my shoulders get tired fast, so that’s like the worst combo for wall balls. No thanks.

Goal for next month:

I have a few goals, which are increasing my clean and jerk to 200 lbs., increasing my Back Squat PR to 315 lbs., and I’d like to string together 5 ring muscle ups.

What I love about IST:

What’s not to love? You walk in and are immediately greeted by Brendan, Alex, and Chris. I’ve been to a few different boxes, and IST is the only one that has a Warm-Up, Core/Skill, Strength, and MetCon for the WOD every day. I think that sets us apart from other gyms. Having Brendan and Alex as coaches is awesome. They tend to balance each other out and you get the best of both being cautious and perfecting your technique and being pushed to lift heavier than you want to.

Hometown & Family members:

I am from Elk River, MN. I have my parents, Tammy and Jason, some of you guys may have met them when they visited. Since then, my dad joined CrossFit Elk River, which is where I first fell in love with CrossFit. I still try to get my mom to go, but haven’t gotten through yet. I also have an older sister, who just graduated from SCSU, and isn’t really interested in CrossFit. I also have a 20-gallon fish tank, with 7 fish in it currently.

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