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Lynn's Success

Lynn started the IST Nutrition program on September 4th and finished her 3 month weight loss plan on December 1st. Lynn made incredible progress. She lost 25 pounds and reduced her body fat by 8.26%. She worked very hard and stayed consistent for these results and we wanted to recognize her for her efforts. Awesome job Lynn! Below are her progress pictures and thoughts on the IST Nutrition program.

"After my friend told me she was beginning the nutrition program and heard positive feedback from others at IST, I figured I should just give it a shot. Because, let’s be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the stuffed sausage look I was rocking at the time. What was the worst that could happen? Right? Right.

I got my measurements done, meal plan in my hands, and I committed to this. I was so nervous and full of self-doubt. Turns out, I was worrying for nothing. The meal plan was super easy to follow and provided a very clear list of items in each area that you can include in your menu. It is also fabulous to have all your meals prepped and ready for the whole week. No reason to deviate, you have all your food ready! In addition, Alex worked with me to adjust my plan for times like my anniversary so I could stay on track, but also go out and indulge a little. I also felt full of energy and strong during the entire program. I was impressed that I was able to lose weight, and actually build strength during this time. In fact, I was able to set PRs for myself during this time and also started to RX way more workouts than before.

Now, let's be real. This wasn’t all Disneyland, rainbows, and unicorns. There were frustrations along the way and a lot of hard work. But the coaching and support that Alex provided was key! He kept me on the right path, continued to encourage me through the frustration, and celebrated the successes. Without his guidance and weekly accountability check-ins, there is no way I would have been as successful as I was.

Bottom line? If you are on the fence about giving this program a try, I cannot tell you anything other than to just do it and give it a shot. I did and there are no regrets here!" - Lynn

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