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June 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Katie Onofreychuk

Favorite exercise: Pull ups, which is crazy because not all that long ago I couldn't do them unassisted.

Least favorite exercise: Thrusters

Goal for next month: Handstand push-ups

What I love about IST: The people! The expertise and genuine care from the trainers fosters such an amazing environment that is full of encouragement and success. They set the tone and we carry it out, pushing ourselves and each other to give it our best. I look forward to coming in and always leave feeling empowered, even when thrusters are on the board.

Hometown & Family members: Born and raised in Erskine, MN population 525. Lived in Duluth for last 9 yrs. with my husband Brad, and our 13 yr old twin boys - Dylan & Riley, and 9 yr old son Brady

Something you probably didn’t know about me: I have never ever liked chocolate!! I just about gag at the smell of it and most definitely won't eat any variety of it. Coffee is about up there with chocolate other than I do like the smell of it. Many may think how one could survive without these staples to which I say Hot Tamales and Diet Dew. To top off my uniqueness I'll throw out there my preferred way to eat Kraft Mac-n-Cheese would be with a good sprinkle of sugar on top.

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