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March 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Kala Pederson

Favorite exercise: Clean & Jerk—I love how technical this lift is and it makes me feel strong. I also really look forward to Deadlifting on Friday—great start to the weekend.

Least favorite exercise: Honestly, I have grown to really like everything. If I had to choose, I cringe when I see that we are doing weighted lunge walks or weighted step ups. I think I feel more tired after doing those than after running a half marathon. No Joke.

Goal for next month: Just when you think you’re in great shape, you try doing 100 burpees in 8 minutes…. I really want to get under that 8 minute mark. (I never thought I’d say I want to do 100 burpees again either). I also have a continuous goal of trying not to swear during workouts. I apologize to anyone that has heard me do so!

What I love about IST: There are so many reasons so I am going to narrow it down to two. First and foremost—the coaches. You guys are so patient, empowering and positive. I think that it takes a pretty special type of person to help others change their lives every day and I feel incredibly grateful that we get to work with 4 of the very best. Secondly- the environment. Everyone is so happy, kind and pleasant to be around. The determination that everyone brings to the gym every day just radiates! I thrive off of that kind of stuff.

Hometown & Family members: I am originally from Ham Lake, MN but have lived in Duluth for almost 7 years now. My family members are scattered around the cities and the Mille Lacs Lake area. I currently reside on a quaint 5 acres in northern Duluth with my boyfriend, Jake and golden retriever, Finley.

Something you probably didn’t know about me: I am a stat junkie. I love numbers and random statistics, specifically about sports. Did you know in the entire history of the MN Twins, from 1961-2016, second basemen have totaled 485 home runs and Brian Dozier has hit 106 of them (22%)!! Did you know that if Wayne Gretzky never scored any of his 894 goals (also a NHL record) in his career, he would still be the NHL record holder for points with 1,963 assists!! Last one- If Michael Phelps were a country, he’d rank #35 on the all-time Olympic Gold Medal list, ahead of 97 nations! Numbers are fun!

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