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February 2017 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Jim Ellis

Favorite exercise: Clean and Jerks.

Least favorite exercise: Bike (hate those stupid bikes, their so arrogant in their stationary positions).

Goal for next month: Get back on track with eating better and getting the movements for some exercises cleaned up.

What I love about IST: The atmosphere, trainers, and people have all been exceptional when it comes to attitude, skill, knowledge, and motivation. We train in such a broad capacity, leaving me physically prepared to not only participate but also compete in a wide variety of physical activities.

Hometown & Family members: Originally from Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. I am the youngest (and best) of four kids, 1 brother 2 sisters. All of my family lives in Michigan.

Something you probably didn’t know about me: I have been in the Military for 17 years now and deployed twice so far (once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan). I have a recurring dream where my fridge gets revenge on me by coming to my room, opening my door, turning the light on, staring at me for 3 minutes and then leaving again.

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