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November 2016 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Joe Nelson

Favorite exercise: Clean and jerk. As technical as it is, I find it the most fun and powerful.

Least favorite exercise: Simple: Burpees... though I can get up to 5 now without having to stop from feeling completely destroyed!

Goal for next month: Get past two chin ups! And then someday soon get the pull-ups!

What I love about IST: The attitude. The atmosphere. The fun. The People. The support. Oh, yeah, and the coaching team. You guys totally MAKE this place!!

Hometown & Family members: Ha! Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Wisconsin, Duluth, etc - never really claimed a hometown. Duluth has been home longer than any other, and my parents and even my brother followed shortly after I arrived. Now I have my own family: amazing wife Michelle, rockin little man Jax, and insanely independent Megan. Between family and building my business here for almost 20 years - I think I am home!

Something you probably didn’t know about me: Hmmm - pretty open book here...maybe the fact that I'm not interested in weight loss - I'm just interested in feeling healthy and confident. And physical ability has a ton to do with that, so that's why I'm here!

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