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September 2016 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Aaron Lewis

Favorite exercise: Right now, I'm digging The Snatch.

Least favorite exercise: HSPU. They hate me. I loathe them. Nuff said.

Goal for next month: Increase my Front Squat to 265lbs and/or learn HSPU without breaking my neck.

What I love about IST: After highschool, I went on to play several years of college basketball. During those years I was privileged to receive very high level athletic training and coaching. After finishing my time there, I began looking for an outlet for all the competitiveness, training, and abilities I'd developed during those years. What Chris, Brendan, and Alex have created and offer through IST is the highest level of athletic training I've experienced so far and I've enjoyed my time here more than I could have ever imagined when I started.

What I love about IST: is the atmosphere the trainers/members create the second you walk in the door. It's like family here. They all combine to make fitness and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle not only enjoyable, but simple, exciting, and desirable (not to mention terribly addicting).

Hometown & Family members: Most of my family still lives in or around Milwaukee, WI. That being said, I have several siblings that live as far away as Nevada and Alabama. Duluth has been my new hometown since last December and I absolutely love it here.

Something you probably didn’t know about me: I'm the fifth born of eight kids (yeah, that's 10 freaking people in the fam). I have two incredible parents...three bros...four sisters...and 6 studly nephews. It's awesome.

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