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August 2016 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Amy Hexum

Favorite exercise: I have a love/hate relationship with the snatch.

Least favorite exercise: Besides the snatch, I hate ring holds! 30 seconds can be a really long time!

Goal for next month: I'd like to work on some skills this month; in particular T2B. Also, I am training for the MN Mile so I am spending a bit of time on the Light Speed. What I love about IST: As someone who has participated in a wide variety of fitness and sport activities, I love CrossFit because it is so growth oriented. Every workout gives you the opportunity to improve your time or reps or pounds. The community at IST has always been really welcoming and encouraging. It feels like my second home! But, the best feature of the gym is the coaching staff. A great coach/teacher needs a combination of knowledge, charisma and heart. The whole crew of coaches at IST have these qualities. Hometown & Family members: I grew up outside of Duluth and went to Proctor High School. I moved back to Duluth in 2002. My husband Brennan and I have one daughter, Harper. Something you probably didn’t know about me: I taught spin and yoga for over a decade but "retired" to spend more time and energy on my own fitness.

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