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July 2016 Athlete of the Month

Name: Jana Gunderson

Favorite exercise: Overhead Squat

Least favorite exercise: Burpees (no doubt about it)

Goal for next month: Do better than the previous month

What I love about IST: The coaches and the people that I workout with. They encourage me to do things I thought that was impossible.

Hometown & Family members: I was born and raised in Sao Luis (island in Brazil with 1 million people). I have two older siblings (brother and sister), but they are not as cool as me :) My mom still lives in Sao Luis and she comes to visit me every year in the US.

Something you probably didn’t know about me: My real name is Janaina, which means in native Brazilian language "Queen of the Ocean". When I was born, my parents used to live right in front of the beach so that's how they came out with the name. When I started Crossfit, Brendan asked me what my goal was... I said it was to do ONE regular push-up. I guess I have accomplished more than only one push-up so far.

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