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February 2016 Athlete Spotlight

Name: Jackie Asuma

Favorite exercise: I love kettlebells, probably the kettlebell snatch or windmill

Least favorite exercise: Pull ups. Maybe I’ll like them more once I can actually do one

Goal for next month: Handstand push up, food portion control, get more sleep

What I love about IST: I love everything about IST! It’s a great gym space, great location and nice and clean. The coaches are all amazing, very motivating and welcoming and it’s so nice that they greet everyone by name. The members are so positive and encouraging; I’ve made some wonderful new friends. The workouts are always challenging but fun!

Hometown & Family members: I live in Duluth now; I was born and raised in Cherry, MN. My parents, 2 sisters and brother and their families all live in Cherry.

Something you probably didn’t know about me: I’m a dental hygienist. I have a pit-bull name Bella who’s my baby; I’d take her everywhere if I could. I help coach my nephew’s sports events on the weekends. I grew up on a farm. Since joining IST the end of Aug (and I started eating clean the end of July), I have lost about 65 pounds. I’m excited to continue my fitness journey at IST!

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