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Recreational Therapy

We are proud to provide recreational therapy for a broad range of clients with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. Many of those we work with struggle with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hearing loss, mental health, and physical limitations due to injury.

We plan, direct, and coordinate recreation-based treatment programs through individual session as well as group based programs. We use a variety of modalities, including music, sports, exercise, and community outings to help maintain or improve the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our clients.

Our Recreational Therapist, Brendan Willis, assesses client needs through observations, medical records, tests, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals, clients’ families, and patients. We create enjoyable treatment plans and programs that meet the needs and interests of each client to enhance engagement in therapeutic activities such as exercise, sports, and community outings. A key focus of our program is to help clients to become or remain independent, and develop the necessary social skills to thrive in the community. Learning methods to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression is paramount to our clients’ success. We record an analyze our clients progress daily and evaluate the interventions to ensure effective treatment is being provided.

We also work extensively with 23rd Veteran, a non-profit organization that empowers military veterans with PTSD to lead successful lives. In our work with 23rd Veteran, we help provide a long-term transition process for veterans leaving the military, and those who did not properly transition to civilian life. With the help of 23rd Veteran, we operate the 23V Recon program that involves fitness, camaraderie, and a positive psychology course to actively retrain 23rd Veteran members’ brains to live successfully in a civilian society. Methods include a wilderness trip, weekly fitness and positive psychology sessions, daily homework and fireteam accountability.

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