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Take Your Game To The Next Level!


Athletes – Whether it is team training, small group, or individual athlete conditioning, developing the physical tools that support skill execution is essential to performance.

Training Philospohy
Athletes will receive an initial assessment, and based on the results and the goals of the athlete, an individualized program will be designed. The essence of performance enhancement is to maximize balance, agility, flexibility, strength, speed and power to develop the most efficient athlete possible. Improving overall core strength and power will also play
a key role in building the athletic foundation necessary to excel in sport. Methods of training that athletes may utilize include various forms of resistance and bodyweight training, Olympic style weightlifting, plyometrics, agility, and anaerobic conditioning, as well as learning basic principles of proper sprinting mechanics.


"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."


CrossFit Class – At Impact Sports everyone is considered an athlete! Whether you are a recreational athlete, a weekend warrior, or just looking to get into better physical condition, we can help you to become more functionally fit for sports and everyday activities. This is an individualized comprehensive training program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Through one on one personalized attention, the program focuses on training and challenging the entire body through a unique series of balance, stability, core and resistance exercises with movements that will help your body to meet the demands of life and sport.


Call for Scheduling: 218-341-6214

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