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IST Nutrition Challenge

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Improve Performance

IST Nutrition Challenge

The IST nutrition challenge will start April 10th. This will be a 6 week challenge.

If you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, and/or improve your exercise performance, this challenge is for you. 

This challenge is entirely online and will be handled via a Facebook group. We will start with the basics and move on from there. The total time commitment will be 1-3 hours per week. Each week we will go over 2-3 nutrition topics via videos. We will also have weekly check-ins and Q and As.

Each individual will learn how to set calorie and macronutrient goals and more importantly, tips to reach those numbers. We will teach you how to track your food intake and make the right decision when/if you aren't tracking. By the end of this challenge, you will know what to eat, how much to eat and even when to eat it.

As with every nutrition plan, there must be flexibility and sustainability. We will teach you how to enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks, while staying on track to reach your goal.  We will teach you how to deal with cravings, when you need to power through them and when you should indulge.

One of the biggest factors in succeeding with nutrition is consistency. In this challenge, we will all be in a Facebook group where we will have weekly check-ins and a weekly Q and A. This will hold you accountable and increase your chance of success.

Just like a strength training program, this nutrition challenge will be progressive. We will start simple in week one and look to make small improvements each week until we reach week six. This process will look different for each person, but we will teach the basic principles that all successful nutrition programs follow.

Once you sign up, you will be added to the Facebook group where you can access content and homework for the first week.


After my first week I could already see fantastic results. I got so excited that my second week wasn't as hard as the first one.

After 6 weeks following his programs, I lost 15 pounds and got personal records in all my lifts.

This diet is a whole new world for me and it is nothing like what I was used to do. I've followed so many different diets in the past and none gave me the results like this one. Before I was eating healthy, but I wasn't having the right nutrition my body needed to perform at the CrossFit classes. The program is a nutrition re-education and it has changed my lifestyle.


I reached out to Alex in the spring of 2016 looking for a little help shedding some weight for the upcoming summer season while still retaining that hard earned muscle mass.  His program could not have worked any better.  

What I got was an extremely organized, in-depth, easy to read plan that allowed me to dive right in immediately.  I never had to ask any questions as everything was so well laid out.  Food prep was an absolute breeze and stress free by allowing me to see on paper exactly what and how much I needed each day.

Just as important to me, throughout the 3 months that I followed the plan I saw little to no loss in my strength during workouts. The entire experience was very smooth and enjoyable.


After my friend told me she was beginning the nutrition program and heard positive feedback from others at IST, I figured I should just give it a shot.  Because, let’s be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the stuffed sausage look I was rocking at the time.  What was the worst that could happen?  Right?  Right.


I got my measurements done, meal plan in my hands, and I committed to this.  I was so nervous and full of self-doubt.  Turns out, I was worrying for nothing.  The meal plan was super easy to follow and provided a very clear list of items in each area that you can include in your menu.  It is also fabulous to have all your meals prepped and ready for the whole week.  No reason to deviate, you have all your food ready!  In addition, Alex worked with me to adjust my plan for times like my anniversary so I could stay on track, but also go out and indulge a little.  I also felt full of energy and strong during the entire program.  I was impressed that I was able to lose weight, and actually build strength during this time.  In fact, I was able to set PRs for myself during this time and also started to RX way more workouts than before.


Now, let's be real.  This wasn’t all Disneyland, rainbows, and unicorns.  There were frustrations along the way and a lot of hard work.  But the coaching and support that Alex provided was key!  He kept me on the right path, continued to encourage me through the frustration, and celebrated the successes.  Without his guidance and weekly accountability check-ins, there is no way I would have been as successful as I was.


Bottom line?  If you are on the fence about giving this program a try, I cannot tell you anything other than to just do it and give it a shot.  I did and there are no regrets here!


Nutrition Challenge Information

Start Date

April 10th, 2023


6 Weeks




This program is NOT for those with diabetes, thyroid conditions, pregnant, breastfeeding, or a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases. Special conditions like that require direct consultation with a medical professional.

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