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Student Internships General Information

Impact Sports Training will provide services in coordinating the placement of interns from graduate and undergraduate degree bearing programs in relevant academic fields. Impact Sports Training is located in Duluth, Minnesota.

Purpose of the Impact Sports Training Intern Program

  • Assist colleges and universities, which require or allow internships in degree preparation by providing appropriate opportunities within the student’s field.

  • Provide a quality work experience and environment for students to receive on-the-job training for graduation.

  • Provide students with the unique opportunity of learning and further enhancing their skills in the field of athletic development by exposing them to high levels of hands on work and structured educational opportunities for career enhancement.


  • Work Experience

  • Access to IST and IST CrossFit Classes

Term - Approximate Dates

Fall Semester September 1 - December 20

Winter/Spring January 1 - May 25

Summer Session June 1 - August 31

Variable 12 week terms Open ended

Variable 6 month terms Open ended


Impact Sports Training recognizes the needs of the student and their member schools. Because of this, internship dates and terms are negotiable within the limitations and needs of the member school and IST.




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