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School Year Program
Starts August 21st
Month to Month Payment
Ages 12+

  • Our program is designed to improve all of the essentials that are needed to succeed in sport. 

    • speed and jumping ability​

    • strength and power

    • endurance and stamina

    • coordination, balance, and agility

    • resilience (injury prevention)

  • Our athletes go into their sport season and find themselves outperforming their teammates in conditioning tests, strength tests and more. When athletes are in great shape, they get even more out of every practice. Imagine finishing a 2-a-day practice and feeling like you could handle more. 

  • We elevate all ability levels, one workout at a time. This is perfect program for beginner AND advanced athletes.


  • IST has been Duluth's leader in athletic development since 2006.

  • Our sport coaches have over 40 years of combined experience. We have worked with over 3000 athletes, from 10 year old youth soccer athletes to 25 year old professional hockey athletes to 75 year old long distance runners. 

  • Our experience is what allows us to maximize athletic performance. We have seen it all and will push you to become your best. We work WITH the athlete to find what they respond to best. 


How it works

  • Athletes will perform a 1 hour workout.

  • The typical format is as follows:

    • Warm Up​

    • Speed, agility, jumping power, and coordination development

    • Power training

    • Strength and resiliency training (injury prevention)

    • Core strength

    • Conditioning/accessory movement training

  • The entire session is coached. Every warm up, every rep, every set, every jump, every sprint. This is where athletes get the biggest value. Some athletes need to push harder, some need to pull back. Coaches make the call, which keeps athletes healthy and allows them to have long successful careers. 

  • Athletes will progress from base building workouts to workouts that will build their specific needs. 

School Year Schedule

  • Monday - Thursday at 3:30pm

  • Athletes can pick between 2x, 3x and 4x workouts per week then select the days that fit their goals/schedule best

At sign up, athletes will have the option to select one of the following:

  • 2x/Week

  • 3x/Week

  • 4-5x/Week

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